Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Hangover

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....

Talk about an overused tagline! Compared to Road Trip, Old School and Wedding Crashers this movie couldn't maintain the humor till the end, it had some good moments but by the end I didn't give a crap if they ever found Doug.

Phil, a deadbeat teacher, Stu the dorky dentist and Alan (soon to be Brother in Law) take Doug to Vegas for his Bachelor party, after checking into a sweet suite at Ceasars Palace the three head to the roof to kick off the festivities, after a heartwarming speech by Alan the trio wake up the next day in a precarious situation, their suite is totally shit canned, there's a tiger in the bathroom, a chicken wandering the livingroom, a baby in the closet, Alan has no pants, Stu's lost a tooth and Doug is missing! And none of them have any memory of the good times!
The hangover runs about 90 mins long so for about the remaining 60 mins we get to where's Doug while Phil, Stu and Alan, borrow a cop car, collect wedding memorabilia, get tazed, shot, and attacked by a chinese trunk monkey....Mr Chan!
One of the highlights for me was the return of the wedding singer from Wedding Crashers, the man exudes romance LMAO!
All in all The Hangover had some funny moments but it also felt too similar to the directors other comedies Road Trip & Wedding Crashers which I recomend over this.

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