Saturday, November 8, 2008

Transformers 2: Optimus <3 Jetfire

I'm not one to post movie rumors but this one's been out for awhile and If true this could be as impressive to see on the big screen as Jurassic Park was the first time you saw the digital dinos or as utterly horrendous as Dragon War.
Apparently Jetfire or should I call him VF-1A will be introduced in ROTF, no longer the F-14 Tomcat now Jetfire will be the much speedier SR-71 Blackbird and Optimus Prime will be crushing hard on him! Rumor has it the two "get together" for some bot on bot action O.o
In other ROTFLOL rumor news a team of six decipticreeps will build a significant relationship and when they "get together" something BIG is gonna happen ^-^....

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