Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mega Man 9: Review

Megaman 9, another game from Capcom Digital Downloads, and another quality title I've added to my collection along with Super Puzzle Fighter II. Megaman 9 reminds me how hard the classics were and that you don't need next gen graphics to enjoy a video game. For $9.99 you get a full game... that's a tremendous value considering most titles this generation are $59.99. Capcom has released some fun DLC for MM9 that adds replay value to an already fantastic game, see how far you can get with Endless Attack for $2.99, Hero mode adds a harder level of difficulty for .99, Super Hero mode kicks the difficulty one notch higher for .99, try beating the game with Protoman for $1.99 or add a special stage to time attack mode for .99. Capcom has also mad 5 Megaman themes @ 1.99 each to cutomize your PS3!
It's great, and as an old school gamer I really apreciate that Capcom had the guts to actually bring back the blue bomber in all his 8 bit glory! It cool to see how much they supported the game with media kits, cases designed like old NES cartridges and the awesome box art created to compliment the MM1 boxart even though the game is strictly a DL. Megaman 9 is just as challenging as the old days, I would say it was about as challenging as MM2 or 3, but not as tough as MM4. The robot masters are all quality designs and the levels are designed very well also. I wish there was more variety to the enemies in the levels and less spike/ falling traps.
I laughed at the games intro....Dr. Wily swearing he's not responsible and asking for donations be sent to his swiss bank account so he can finish working on his robots to stop Dr Lights plans of world domination, savvy MM players will notice DR. Wily's account is the date the first MM launched on the NES! The attention to detail is great and the game plays just like the old ones, even down to the flickering, Capcom did a fantastic job and most important it is FUN! Nostalgia positively remembered, I look forward to Capcom making Mega Man 10...and maybe Bass and Treble returning.

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