Monday, October 27, 2008

Valkyria Chronicals Preview

November 4th is gonna be a painful day for PS3 owners wallets, with Naruto U.N.S., Resistance 2, and Valkyria Chronicals a JRPG from SEGA. I got a chance to play the demo this past weekend and I was very impressed, the visuals are gorgeous, the "canvas" graphics engine truly makes the hand drawn artwork jump to life! The fluidity of the artwork must be seen, the voice acting was well done as well.
Valkyria Chronicals takes place in Europa during the 1930's as the second Europa war begins, Alicia, Welkin, Rosie and the rest of the characters you'll command come from Gallia, a small county nestled between the Imperial Federation (Nazi Germany) and the Atlantic Federation (Allied countries). Valkyria Chronicals is a Strategy JRPG but it uses a unique battle system called BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zone). The basic Strategy RPG elements are there, movement restrictions based on the multiple character types such as scouts, shock troopers, snipers, lancers, and engineers, CP (command pts.) which tell you how many times you can use your squad members AP (action pts.) which show how far each squad member can move, this is shown by a meter that drains as you move the member. You learn quickly not to just move character arbitrarily but to find cover, which bring up the third person shooter aspect, you actually move the character around a 3D map and shoot, thrown nades and plant explosives in real time.
Valkyria Chronicals reminded me of the board game Axis and Allies, which was alot of fun with enough players. Just from the short demo I'd say Valkyria Chronicals is going to be a terrific game for PS3 owners!

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