Monday, October 13, 2008

Movie Review: Sex Drive

Nothing ruins a trip to see Grandma's like breaking down in Amish country during Rumspringa....

I got a chance to catch a sneak preview of Sexdrive this past weekend, with such celluoid masterpeices as Beverly Hills Chihuahua, The Dutchess and Nights in Rodanthe I opted for the road less traveled and it was a fun ride on this road!

Sexdrive is opening the same week as Max Payne so I imagine most folks are gonna drop the cash on Max over Ian, Felicia and Lance next week, but allow me to sway some of you away from the video game remake from Hollywood.

What's in a name? Well the whole bag o' donuts in this case.

The story goes like this; Ian meets Ms Tasty online, Ian steals his older brothers 69 GTO and goes on a road trip with his friends Lance and Felicia to lose his virginity.

I only saw one TV spot for Sexdrive and it was with Ezekiel, Lance and The Judge on the deserted road and I was laughing hysterically.

James Marsden (Cyclops) plays Ian's hyperactive dilhole older brother Rex that takes EXTREME to a new level.

Josh Zuckerman play's Rex's younger brother Ian, who finds his opportunity to loose his virginity thru the interwebs, but he needs The Judge to get to Ms Tasty...

Amanda Crew plays Felicia, Ian's childhood friend that goes along for the ride thinking they're visiting Ian's sick grandma.

Clark Duke plays Ians best friend and social guru Lance. As he tries to mentor Ian on the ways of women, Lance proves without a shadow of a doubt he knows the game because he ain't winning the ladies over with his looks or fashion sense! Lance is kinda the 21st century flounder, but with McLovin's mojo.

Sexdrive reminded me ALOT of Roadtrip, another great comedy I highly recomend! The groups little detour to Amish country was as funny as when Josh, E.L, Rubin and Kyle crashed at the frat house on the way to Austin!

Seth Green was hilarious as the Amish APEX tech grad that helps Ian on his quest to get laid.

The beauty of movies like Sexdrive and Roadtrip isn't the destination, it's the journey.

I'm definately picking up Sexdrive on DVD, hopefully there will be an UNR8D version!


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