Sunday, October 19, 2008

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

Why, why are they (hollywood) doing it again!? Wasn't their first attempt painfull enough? A simple look at this blog will reveal I like the Street Fighter video game franchise, but the movies based on the games....WHAT'S THE POINT!?

This project actually has some respectible actors in it, Michael Clark Duncan as Balrog, Chris Klein as Charlie Nash, Neal McDonough as bizarre would it be if he died after doing this, NO ONE will ever sign on to play Bison in another Street Fighter movie, ever. Maybe that's what needs to happen to end these crapfests. Poor Raul Julia.

The funny thing is the above mentioned actors I'm sure are in it for the paycheck, but Taboo from the BEP is probably gonna put 110% into his role as sad. But what may be even more sad is that Jean Claude Van Dam is saying he turned the role of Guile down for more serious projects....YOU WEREN'T INVITED BACK dude HAHAHA!

Alot of peeps around the interwebz are knocking the poster, I find it very telling, the fact that Chun Li, a chinese woman, has blue eyes tells me this movie will find it's way to the bargain bin in Best Buy faster than her Senretsu-kyaku.

Here's an idea for a Street Fighter movie!

"Sakura chan's High School Musical"

Justin Long plays a kabuki actor who impersonates Sakura to uncover the mystery of principal Bison's alternate lifestyle! But discovers the dark truth about the shotokan fighter she admires and his destiny....

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