Sunday, September 7, 2008

SOCOM Confrontation Day 2 report

Day 2 on the SOCOM Confrontation beta, I got my clan invite yesterday. Today I spent some time with the character creation features. Merq's and Commando's have about seven different head styles, then you can customize your soldier with facial hair, scars, voice style, head gear, mics, and eyewear. Then for the body you get light/medium/heavy gear, which affects your soldiers encumbrance (mobility), after that you can choose your camo patterns and styles, choose from Night/Urban/Desert then go thru a multitude of patterns for each body part (head/body/torso). Next is the Armory the most important section! Choose your primary weapon, secondary weapon, attachments, and two sub weapons like nades or C4.

Issues I've noticed so far;
1. Occasionally I get a big red X with two arrows pointing in opposite directions on the top center of the screen which mean the game is trying to stableize your connection.
2. The game did take unusually long to load, I'm sure Slant Six is working on the servers so no big deal.
3. For the most part the lag was non existant, but one game was so bad that I lost mic capability and framerate dropped significantly. I logged out switched to a secondary account and viola problem solved.
4. Radar in upper right corner didn't seem to be working

~Controls are a bit different from OS SOCOM, I kept bringing up the taunt menu by accident, but like I just gotta get used to the button config.
~I like the map, lots of detail, lots of nooks and crannies, and heat distortion in the distance is a nice effect. This new Crossroads map is amazing the tower diagonally across from the lion is sweet! The new areas and slight changes make it feel like a brand new map.
~Gameplay speed is good, faster than MGO, slower than COD4 I think it lends itself to tactical gameplay.
~Character movement is smoother than I expected, the characters tend to float when near edges though. Jumping seemed very limited but that may be due to my encumberance ratio.
~Guns sound terrific and those with 5.1 or better surround sound systems are in for an audio daydream. The other really evolutionary aspect was the proximitty speach system, members on the same team will be able to communicate the traditional way via the mic by pressing L2 or you can speak freely and if a teammate is nearby (above, below, infront, behind) you'll hear them thru your surround sound system from their location in relation to you, distance and objects also affect the volume of their voices! VERY COOL feature! But be careful what you say or the noise you make in the comfort of your living room because you could be heard by an enemy in your vicinity!
~Once they iron out the kinks I think this is gonna reignite the SOCOM community!