Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Macross Frontier Episode 14: Mothers Lullaby

Episode 14 begins with Luca meeting Nanase and the two have lunch while discussing their friends. Elsewhere Ozma recollects the last time he saw Ranka before she decided to go help Alto on Gallia IV, Cathy hangs out with the Macross Quarter bridge bunnies and talk about the guys. Just as Captain Wilder enters the bridge the Vajra capital ships defold ahead of Frontier a state of emergency is declared and Island 1 closes it outer shell, Luca tells Nanase he has something he wants to tell her when he returns and runs off to SMS HQ.
Back at Gallia IV Alto hovers in orbit as we see a third of the planet is gone from the dimension eater. Alto takes the prototype fold booster left by Mikhail and rushes back to Frontier.
The Macross Quarter launches and transforms while all SMS and NUNS forces deploy to fight the Vajra forces, Sheryl wakes up to find Mikhail unconscious as they're valkyrie hangs onto the Vajra capital ship they hitched a ride on, she attempts to pilot the Mikhails Valkyrie remembering her lessons she took while at Mihoshi. That doesn't go so well as she bounces off the hull of the Vajra capital ship and is pursued by some vajra, Luca spots Mikhails Valkyrie and goes to help but before he can shoot at Sheryls' pursuers he is disarmed by a Vajra and Mikhails VF-25 is shot down. Sheryl and Mikhail float defenselessly and Luca is about to be attacked when Alto arrives just in time to dispatch the Vajra in the area!
Meanwhile Ranka wakes up aboard the Vajra mother ship with the Queen looming over her, within her prison the interior of the mother ship fades as she finds herself alone in space, she spots Frontier off in the distance, suddenly the Vajra mother ship defolds behind Frontier, Leon pushes Howard glass to authorize the use of reaction weapons, once the Vajra mother ship defolds behind them the situation becomes desperate and he authorizes it. Alto recognizes that the ship behind them as the one Ranka is being held prisoner on as requests to rescue her, Capt Wilder authorizes Alto and Ozma to use fast packs and reaction weapons to save Ranka.
Back within the Vajra mother ship Ranka has another vision, this time of a woman who begins singing Aimo, Ranka recognizes the song and begins singing Aimo also and as the battle outside rages on the Vajra begin to react to the song, Alto unleashes the reaction warheads and pushes towards the mother ship, blowing a hole in the hull. The VF-27 suddenly shows up and flys past Alto into the mother ship to free Ranka, Alto follows and once inside the Queens lair unleashes all his missile's at the queen, the purple VF-27 contacts the Frontier fleet and announces he is Brera Sterne of the Macross Galaxy fleet and he has rescued Ranka and will assist Frontier. Once Alto killed the Queen Ranka reels over in pain as the remaining Vajra appear to fall in disarray. The Macross Quarter fires it's cannon destroying the Mothership and Frontier forces go on the offensive exterminating the remaining Vajra as Brera holds Ranka. As she witnesses the battle she begins to cry and Brera questions why.
Episode 14 concludes with Grace awakening and mentioning the little queen, she most likely is talking about Ranka, This episode was all about the mecha porn and seeing Sheryl attempt to pilot a Valk was funny....apparently she can't do everything she puts her mind to. The vision Ranka had is most likely her mother based on the episode title. With Brera's announcement we have to wonder if this is all part of Graces plan, speaking of Grace she's gonna have some explaining to do on how she escaped Gallia IV!