Monday, September 15, 2008

Macross Frontier Episode 13: Memory of Global

Episode 13 continues with Mikhail in Sheryl's room, just as Grace offers her some pills to help her feel better the power cuts out, elsewhere Alto and Ranka make an emergency landing when his nav system fails, after exiting the VF-25, Ranka yells to Alto the two stand on a precipice looking out at what appears to be the SDF Macross. Alto uses the binoculars on his ex-gear to zoom in on the hull of the Macross class vessel and discovers it's designation is the Macross 04 Global which happened to be flagship of the 117th Investigational Fleet. The two begin to hike thru the jungle towards the Macross.
Later back at the base Sheryl appears to be feeling better and tells Mikhail they're going to search for Alto and Ranka, as she switches into her flightsuit Mikhail notices one of the pills Grace offered her earlier on the floor with 639 witchcraft written on it.
Meanwhile Alto and Ranka continue traveling thru the jungle towards the Macross, they spot a waterfall and rest for awhile reminising about they're first meeting. Just as they're about to head out again Ranka gets abducted while answering the call of nature....Alto rushes in the direction she was taken away in which leads him to the Macross 04.
Back aboard Frontier Luca has a meeting with Leon regarding his discision to lend out L.A.I. prototype fold booster, Luca defends his decision by stating it's his job is to record test data on all prototype SMS equipment.
Back on Gallia IV Alto enters the ruins of Macoss 04 as he searches for Ranka he finds a lab but all the research data had been deleted recently, outside Brera waits in the shadows as Alto enters the Macross he recieves a comunique from Grace stating that mission priorities have been altered.
Deep below the ruined Macross 04 Ranka wakes up in a large cavern full of eggs (think Alien), and a queen Vajra laying more eggs, high above Alto hears her scream and follows the sound down a long hole in the floor to the nest. At the same time Brera shows up in his VF-27 and fights off the Vajra queen, Alto flies to Ranka but a protective barrier encases Ranka and Alto is unable to break it, this scene is very reminiscent of the scene with Shin and Sara in Macross Zero. As Brera fights off the Vajra one of his shots ricosheas off a hamerhead and hits the queen, this sends the queen into an agonizing rage and Ranka also colapses in pain. Alto and Brera are blown out of the nest similarly to when Hikaru and Misa were ejected from the Zentradi capital ship in DYRL.The two pilots emerge from the river as the Macross emits a burst of energy and begins to rumble violently and crumble as Vajra capital ships emerge from beneath.
Alto rushes back to his VF-25 and heads back to rescue Ranka but Brera intercepts him and the two engage in a dogfight, Brera warns Alto that he is unfit to protect Ranka and just as he's about to shoot down Alto his gun is shot out of his hand by Mikhail and Sheryl. Alto tells them that Ranka's been abducted by the Vajra and is in the giant mothership, Alto and Brera go at it again and just as Brera has another clean shot on Alto, Grace informs Brera to disengage and head back to Frontier as she is about to activate the Dimension Eater.
Below Grace leaps over a large clif ala the bionic woman and activates a device that creates a fold sphere that begins to expand exponentially absorbing everything, Grace wishes the people of Frontier luck as she is ripped to shreads as the fold sphere engulfs her.
Reports of a D-pulse burst are reported aboard the 113th colonial Marines ship as the fold shere continues to expand and engulfs the entire planet killing everything. high above Mikhail and Sheryl race towards the Vajra fleet as they begin to fold out of the Gallia IV system, Alto races out of Gallia IV's atmoshere as the Dimension Eater continues to expand...