Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Knight Rider 08

Apparently one man can no longer make difference.....
I need to catch a few episodes of the original Knight Rider! My childhood memories of this show can't be that biased? For many of us the 80's are synonymous with the A-Team, Transformers and Knight Rider, a lone warrior out to protect the innocent and fight injustice with the help of Bonnie, Devon and KITT.
I missed the pilot episode a few months back but from what I heard it was better than what I suffered through the other night.
Nostalgia is the only reason I sat thru this show, and much like the Star Wars prequels this did nothing to support my memories. This was definitely NOT must see TV, in fact it was cringe inducing failure in my opinion! KITT is now a Mustang Cobra, that's fine, Kitt has double red lights compared to the originals one, KITT still has a stuffy male voice, Kitt still has Turbo Boost.....that is all the positives I can give this show. Some executive must've sat down after the pilot and suggested the following ideas to "boost" ratings...who ever thought these were great ideas needs to be fired!
Michael Tracer, military guy losses his memory and is now working with Knight Industries, no longer a secret company but a large corporation that works with the FBI or the CIA...I must've zoned out. Gone is the small team that supported Michael and Kitt now we have a Devon look-a-kinda-like, a bunch of hot scantily clad women and the stereotypical dork. KITT's transport is no longer in an 18 wheeler which makes SO MUCH sense compared to C-17 military aircraft! WTF???!
Some new additions to KITT is a touch screen windshield that also has multiple web cams so Mike can access AIM w/ flicker....FAIL!
So Mike and some chick escape from a mission to retrieve some "files" just as the chick is about to be injected with the neon juice from reannimator but during their escape KITT gets hit with a missile and is engulfed in toxic flames, to save themselves they strip down instead of using KITT to find a car wash or a thunderstorm or a lake....
Next mission Mike has to find the "package" which turns out to be some dude with a "key" in his DNA *UGGHHH*
Some hot chick with huge "headlights" driving an Aston Martin steals the dude with a key in his DNA and cuts off his thumb...things are serious now, time for KITT to transform O.o
Yep KITT transforms *FAIL* into a pickup truck and somehow doesn't kill the people inside! And KITT also transforms into battle mode *BARF*
Anyway Mike Tracer gets double crossed and shot, everyone thinks he's dead and changes his name to.........Michael Knight duh duh duuuuhhhh!
If this show lasts 5 episodes I'll be shocked, KITT = Knight Industries Total Turdfest.