Monday, July 21, 2008

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm demo impressions

I got to check out the upcoming PS3 exclusive Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm today, color me impressed! The Demo is limited to choosing Naruto or Kakashi, and there is a quick tutorial that gives the button commands and explains support characters. First thing I noticed was the choice of English or Japanese language, for those hardcore Otaku this is a plus. Next you choose one of the two available characters then you go into the character intro and the fight begins. I have to admit I wasn't expecting the game to be as fluid and faithful to the artistic style of the anime as it was. The button commands become familiar after two or three times, it's a button masher in a similar vein to Soul Calibur, I did notice that when I performed Naruto's secret Jutsu it incorporated the button command setup from previous Naruto U.N. games, where you and your opponent need to enter the corect sequence of buttons to maximize/minimize damage given/taken. I'm glad the two plane fighting system is gone, I felt it broke the flow of a fight when you were constantly trying to close the gap on your opponent and stay on the same plane as they are.

I also didn't spot a bit of lag even when I called in both of my support characters Sasuke and Sakura! They'd unleash on Kakashi and I'd be attacking and using substitution jutsu's on Kakashi as his Ninja hounds attacked me! I'm adding Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm to my "must have games" cue.