Thursday, July 10, 2008

Macross Frontier Episode 9: Friendly Fire

Episode 9 begins in the heat of battle, Alto is in his VF25 locked up with the mysterious purple Valkerie seen in episode 7 and he's yelling to Mihail to fire....
After the intro we are back at Mihoshi academy where Sheryl is filming a documentary to remind the people aboard Frontier about the struggle to find the missing Galaxy fleet. Alto complains that Sheryl's documentary is cutting into there training time, Grace shows up to thank them for the time and Mihail slips in to compliment Grace, he tells her she can call him Michel...that's what all his friends call him. She recognizes he's Michel Blanc and gives him her condolences for his sister. While on a mission the tension between Alto and Mikhail builds, as the two argue a distress call comes in that a ship is being attacked by a Vajra, the three head to the call, Alto takes point as Luca transmits data to Mikhail who takes position on an asteroid and attempts to get a lock on the target. Alto catches up to the Vajra and engages in close quarters combat, giving Mikhail the opportunity to snipe it, Mikhail get the lock and brags about wether it's a woman or the Vajra he always gets them on the first shot, but just as he says it Graces words slip into his head and he freezes up, Luca's voice snaps him out of it and Mikhail takes the shot but just as he does the vajra struggles to get free from Alto and puts Alto in Mikhail's line of fire. Alto's VF-25 head unit almost get blown off. Alto furiously questions Mikhail why he would try to shoot him since he "never misses his mark".
Back aboard the Frontier at NUNS HQ President Glass is holding a conference to discuss the the impact the vajra threat has had on the environment and the report of a possible vajra nest in the vicinity. Cathy, Leon and Ozma are in attendance as well as Grace via a hacked laptop.
When Luca, Alto and Mikhail return to the SMS quarter the fight continues and Alto continues to question Mikhail's intentions citing how he brags about being as good a sniper as his sister, this sets Mikhail into a rage and kicks Alto's ass in front of Klan Klan.
Alto ends up in the SMS nurses office with Kanaria patching him up, later Klan meets up with Alto in the SMS hangar and tells him about Mikhails sister Jessica and how she raised him after their parents died, how she was courtmarshaled after being accused of intentional friendly fire on her squad leader who she was involved with and had broken up with prior to the mission, and how she commited suicide after being courtmarshaled.
Meanwhile Ranka and Nanase are walking home from school and Ranka tells her she won't be at Nyan Nyan today because Elmo Kridanik has set up a promotional stand for her.
Later Klan Klan finds Mikhail outside the SMS quarter doing a little target practice, unable to focus due to memories of his late sister Jessica, she tries to console him. Mikhail, totally oblivious to Klan's feelings upsets her when he says he couldn't be with her in her micloned form because he'd be arrested for child abuse.
During Ranka's promotional event Bobby Margot questions Elmo if this is the best way to promote Ranka, and Elmo explains every promotional site he puts on the web gets hacked.
The next morning Ozma leads Skull Squadron and Klan on a mission to find and retrieve the Vajra nest, the mystery Valk is sent out to destroy the nest, Klan discovers the nest but suddenly the VF27 shows up and the two engage in a dogfight, Klan puts up a good fight against him and almost wins but the VF27 proves to be too fast and manueverable and Klan's Queadluun is shot shot down. Alto and Mikhail arrive right after and Alto goes after the VF27 as Mikhail takes position on an asteroid and attempts to get a lock on the VF-27. Alto and his VF25 engage in a furious dog fight and sucessfully shoots one of it's legs off then lockes up with the mysterious purple Valkerie giving Mikhail the opportunity for a shot, Alto yells to Mihail to fire....he tells him he knows about his sister and reassures Mikhail that he's better than her. The shot hits the VF27 but it struggles free of Alto and escapes but before fleeing destroys the Vajra nest alpha 1104.
The episode ends with Mikhail standing at his sisters grave, he questions why she fired, Luca and Alto show up. Mikhail thanks Alto and Alto compliments his shooting, Alto then says " Hurry or we'll be late for school Michel"
Luca catches it and realizes what Alto called Mikhail.
This episodes character development was very good we get more Klan Klan, which is always a plus. We see the relationship between Mikhail and Klan and Mikhail and Alto. We also get our first face off between Alto and the mystery VF-27. We also see Ranka working hard to reach her dream, Sheryl took a back seat this episode but Grace spying on the meeting throws up some huge flags. Vajra eggs that resemble Aliens eggs...what are the Vajra???