Saturday, July 12, 2008

Macross Frontier Episode 11: Missing Birthday

With the success of the Bird Human movie Ranka has become an overnight celebrity. Her life has suddenly become alot busier, she finds it much more difficult to keep in touch with her friends as Elmo accompanies her from one event to another.
Meanwhile Alto and the gang are hanging out at school, they talk about Ranka and Nanase brings up Alto's birthday wondering why Ranka hasn't been in touch with Alto about his birthday. Luca reminds her that she's probably so busy getting ready for her first live concert she just hasn't had the time, Sheryl chimes in saying that Luca's right and that it's a very exciting time in Ranka's career. Alto takes this opportunity to poke fun at Sheryl by saying she's had alot of free time lately. She reminds Alto that as a professional she just knows how to manage her time and she actually has a special benefit concert on Gallia 4 for the 33rd Marine Forces stationed there. Luca tells Alto that Gallia 4 is mostly uninhabited even though it has an atmosphere and one side of the planet always faces it's sun. While Luca researches the planet a young man emerges from a limo, Yasaburo, a Kabuki student of Ranzou Saotome. Alto and Yasaburo go to get lunch and Yasaburo congratulates Alto on his performance in the Bird Human movie, he tells Alto that his father collapsed recently and is recovering, he asks Alto to return home on his birthday and his father will welcome him back into the family.
Over at the concert hall Ranka meets Elmo to get the ticket to her debut concert that she requested, Sheryl's there and guesses that she's planning on giving it to Alto for his birthday, Ranka admits that she also has something else planned and Sheryl tells her he'll like it, this catches Ranka off guard, she's surprised that Sheryl knows so much about Alto.
At that moment Sheryl becomes lightheaded and almost collapses, back in her apartment Grace tells her she's running a fever and suggests cancelling the benefit concert on Gallia 4, but Sheryl insists she'll be fine.
Later that day Nanase calls Ranka concerned that she hasn't contacted Alto yet regarding his birthday, she tells Ranka that Sheryl and Alto have become very close recently. Knowing how Ranka feels about Alto she fears Ranka might lose him to Sheryl. Afterwards Ranka calls Alto only to get his voicemail, she leaves a message that she wants to meet at the Griffith Observatory park on his birthday to give him his gift.
Meanwhile Sheryl meets up with Alto and offers him the chance to fly in a real sky free from the limitation aboard the Frontier, if he goes to Gallia4 with her.
That night Alto considers his three options, the next day Ranka runs to Griffith Park to meets Alto only to be greeted by Mikhail who explains that Alto is escorting Sheryl to Gallia4. Ranka sits alone in the park as the sun sets with her gift for Alto, just then her little green friend shows up and she shares her cookies with it as she wishes Alto a happy birthday.