Sunday, July 27, 2008

Game Review: 1942 Joint Strike

After reading about the awesome features 1942 Joint Strike has I DL'd it from the PSN as soon as I could. HD graphics, Online co op...retro gaming in the HD era!
The graphics are very polished the game has a muted earth tone look to it but considering the era it works. Boss's are large and unique, they offer a decent challenge to defeat them.
The sound effects are crisp and are reminiscent of the old school games from this series.
Now to the negatives....The game is extremely short, once you defeat the final stage you will be flying the friendly skies of the first stage again but with an amped difficulty. The game becomes very repetitive, and the BIGGEST problem with this game is it primary selling point and it's in the actual title, JOINT STRIKE! I never once was able to connect with ANYONE to play the game co-operatively!  The hype was about the amazing power up's you and a wing man can unleash when working in tandem.....never got to witness that. :/