Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Once you start down the dark path...

Since last we saw our fearless elvaan mage Tryptifaeris has spent a good 5-10 real life hours just fishing, starting off I broke many many willow rods and have lost countless amounts of bait but slowly I gained experience .01 points at a time. After reaching level 10 fishing skill I traveled from Bastok back to Windurst where the fishing guild is located and accepted my first "test", I needed to catch a specific fresh water fish, a moat carp, and bring it to the guildmaster in Port Windurst. I am now a new recruit fisherman ^^.
Once I reached level 20 Krogenar volunteered to help me reach Jeuno, as a WHM I would most like fail miserably going solo. Once there I made my way to Upper Jeuno and met Brutus who was less than pleasant to me or his chocobo's.

Along with fishing and acquiring my chocobo license I have sucessfully acquired the 3 items necessary to complete the sub-job quest (Crab Apron, Danselfly Worm, and Magic Skull). With my White Mage at level 21, I traded the 3 items to the NPC in Selbina, and headed back to Bastok to set my white mage as my sub-job and black mage as my main job. It was like I was starting new.....I went from riding Chocobo's and fighting in parties on the Valkurm Dunes where most creatures were incredibly tough, back to battling worms and bees right outside the walls of Bastok.

It was around this time that Square Enix updated all the servers for Summer fest, at night all the cities of Vana Diel celebrated with fireworks throughout the night, and the moogles came to towns to offer adventurers special quests to aquire rare items.

Meanwhile I was running around outside Bastok blowing up bees, worms, and unsuspecting goblins. As I began leveling up my black mage my white mage spells started to become available to me again, at level 4 black mage I reaquired my level 2 white mage spells, at level 8 black mage I regained my level 4 white mage spells.
After a few days of intense XPing I reached level 16 black mage/level 8 white mage and am partying in the dunes once again trying to reach level 17, once I reach level 17 I will be able to purchase the coveted black mage spell Warp, which will allow me to.....warp from where ever I may be to my home point. So that's what Tryptifaeris has been up to these last few weeks, I'll check back in once I reach level 30 with my white mage! That's when things are gonna get really interesting Until then Kweeeeeeh!