Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Flame On!

I've been trying to complete as many Bastok quests as possible. I just acquired the Dangruf stone fairly easily. And I got the painting of a windmill in Konschat for Roh Latteh. I tried to give some NPC in Bastok Markets cinnamon sticks, but he won't take em yet. I reached level 10 in fishing so I headed to Windurst the other day to take the test. While enroute to Muhuara I went fishing on the deck of the ferry, caught a few fish anda few monsters, but nothing I couldn't handle. I reach Muhuara and head out to the Buribura plains, I check a Bull Dhamel and to my surprise it registers as a decent challenge So I transform into white mage tank mode, cast bind on the giraff-like beast then cast Bio, Slow, Diaga, Water, and Wind....oh and I cast Blaze Spikes on myself so everytime it hits me physically FLAME ON baby!

It was surprisingly easy to defeat. So now I'm 3/4's of the way across the plains and I decide to collect a couple Bull Dhamel skulls , same game plan but this time a couple pesky Goblins decide to jump in the fight......not good /em finds death.
So now I'm back in Selbina, I should've just logged off at this point but noooo I had to redeem my pride by killing stuff in front of lowbies outside the Selbina gate, I kill a few sheep and a few Damselfly's, next thing I know I find my self double teamed by Damselfly's with my MP running low. But I refuse to turn tail and run, I notice I've been poisoned but the second fly is close to death so I hang in there, the Damselfly dies and I run to the gates of Selbina watching my 12 HP slowly dwindle, I reach the zone and collapse from the poison /em finds death again. I didn't have enough MP to cure myself. So I'm currently hanging out in Selbina, waiting for a sand storm so I can get some Valkrum sun sand and then I'll run back to Bastok and complete one more quest.Then I will set out for Windurst once again, this time I will avoid the temptation to kill and get to where I'm going.