Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Game Review: MegaMan Anniversary Collection

Remember the good ol' days of 8 bit side scrollers, where all ya needed was a square controller with a D-pad and 2 buttons. Where you didn't need a keyboard, a headset, a broadband connection (which didn't even exist then anyway). It was just you verses the hordes of pallet swapped baddies and the evil bosses! Well someone at Capcom does, and thanks to thier fondness for this extinct 2-D genre we will get to play one of gamings historic characters Megaman in his first 8 titles! The blue bombers one of those characters who've stood the test of time like Mario and his brother......what's his name , Sonic, the Belmont clan, and Link. So if you're a younger video gamer who doesn't remember the glory days you should definately check out this game! You'll get to kick Dr. Wily's mad scientist but 8X for less that the current 3-D super platformer-MMORPG-fighting bonanza.....and you may have more fun too! If I were to rate this game on it's visuals it would probably recieve below a 5 but fortunately for Rocks sake I'm not. What you don't know who Rock is? Well in Japan Megaman is called Rockman (think stone not music) The basic idea is Rockman is created by doctor light to stop Dr Wily's mad robots from destroying earth! Each of Wily's robots has a special attack that causes extra damage compared to MM's peashooter, with this knowledge you must figure out which weapon to use against which Boss....think ROCK, paper, scissors. Although very outdated the music fits Megamans world perfectly and it's nice to see the slight improvements from MM1-MM8 in sound and visuals. This is simply a fun compliation when you want to delve into a quality classic game with simple gameplay and a decent challenge. 10 Megaman games + loads of goodies like art work, videos for $29.99!