Friday, June 25, 2004

Don't go chasing waterfalls

                                                                           Once again I contacted Krogenar the Beastmaster and asked if he would like to go to some dark, dangerous place called 'Drachenfall' - it's a waterfall that we can only get to by running a gauntlet through the Dangruf Wadi, it's a labyrinth with thick mist and hot geysers. The whole place is infested with goblins and lizards. After a few wrong turns we find the hidden entrance that leads back into Gustaberg, as we re-enter Gustaberg we find ourselves at the bottom of a narrow ravine, high above is the bridge I have crossed many times on the way to the Konschat Highlands. The waterfall reforms into a river with a path on each side, two bridges cross over it. Patrolling each side are Pugils' and Goblins. We make our way fowards, Krog uses his BST abilities and charms the Pugils and sets them against the Goblins blocking our path. Meanwhile, I rested up my MP so I could keep Krog's HP from "going red". It was slow going but the strategy worked, we get to the base of the famed waterfall. We fill our canteens with the water, and head back to Bastok. Another quest under our belts.