Monday, August 6, 2018

Congratulations Problem X EVO 2018 Champion!

What an amazing Grand Final for SFV at EVO 2018! There were some great matches leading up to last nights final and some crazy upsets also. But the Grand Final between defending Champ Tokido and Problem X was the epitome of hype!

I knew we were gonna get some news for SFV last night during Final but I didn't see Capcom releasing both G and Sagat TODAY! As I jokingly said earlier many people will be forced to buy Sagat with real money when he launches with all the new additions to SFV that you can spend FM on (Fighting Chance, Continues in Survival) and little to no new ways of accruing FM.
I figured G was gonna come out later this month and Sagat was gonna come out mid/ late September. By then I'd have enough FM for Sagat for sure and maybe G as well but since Capcom is dropping them both today I'm currently short 32,780 FM for Sagat. When I woke this morning I saw the trailers for both of them and of course I watched Sagat's first, but then I watched G's and I gotta tell ya G's theme is old school hip hop hilarity!!! I despise Ed's them yet I LOVE G's!

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