Monday, March 3, 2014

The Walking Dead S4E12 Still Recap

This week Daryl and Beth do their best trunk monkey impressions. 
And Daryl's new code name is Snake Eater!

Unlike last weeks episode that focused on Michonne, Carl and Rick vs Walkers and bed intruders, last nights episode had a heavy focus on Beth and Daryl and where they are mentally and emotionally and where they came from. 
I really enjoyed watching these two polar opposites find some (un)common ground to create the oddest couple next to Tyresse, Carol, and Lizzie.
The acting in this episode was superb, Norman Reedus was absolutely phenomenal! I believed this was a man struggling with some serious demons and also having to find the emotional strength to protect someone he had absolutely nothing in common with.
Emily Kinney FINALLY got a chance to show the world Beth can be so much more than a red shirt, Beth began showing real survival skills....she is paired with the most likely to be the last man standing and she actually says that to him in this episode which seems to be the popular opinion...

I really liked the scene where they burn down the "house" they were hiding in at the end! It had the same emotional ooomph as the scene in Forest Gump when Jenny returns to the house of her childhood and begins throwing rocks at the far of all the characters who've found reasons to continue to fight to live Daryl's was the most profound!
Excellent episode!
Tune in next week when Maggie, Sasha and Bobby roll the fattest J and get high as a kite but them damn walkers crash the party!