Friday, January 3, 2014

RIP 80gig PS3 Feb 2008 - Jan 2014

Uncanny timing, I'm writing my recap of the games I've played during the 7th generation...mostly PS3 and BAM YLOD strikes like first I thought the controller died, but alas the dreaded light showed next time I tried powering up the console.
This wouldn't be such a catastrophe if I didn't have 8 years of game saves for over 50 games!
I have stated previously that I will not be getting a PS4 until Christmas 2014 or beyond ;) because I have plenty of gaming left to do on my PS3....but this had me seriously considering just moving on, but something keeps nagging me, I won't be able to play these brilliant games on the PS4 and the games I bought on the PlayStation Store via the games mind you from the SAME PlayStation store as the PS3 are not playable on the PS4.....WHAT THE DEUCE!!!??
So I have made up my mind to buy a new comes the challenge....a challenge I fully embrace!
One does not simply swap out a 2.5" WD SATA II 500gb 5400rpm HDD from a dead PS3 to a new simple!
I must collect a new PS3 ($199) a new 2.5" WD SATA II 500gb 5400rpm HDD ($40), a hair drier with a cool air setting ($???), and an extra Ethernet cable...
Once all supplies are in hand I will attempt to resurrect my YLOD PS3 and perform a data transfer to the new PS3...May the Force be with me!
I'll post the results of my endeavors soon...