Saturday, January 4, 2014

Movie Review: Saving Mr. Banks

I don't think I've ever seen Mary Poppins and it doesn't matter!  Regardless if you've never seen Mary Poppins you'll enjoy this film!
There isn't a more bankable actor in Hollywood than Tom Hanks, and once again he does a fantastic job, the thing that makes Tom such an extraordinary actor is no matter what character he is playing you don't see Tom Hanks you see, in this case, Walt Disney, or Forest Gump or Victor Navorski or Chuck Noland or Captain Miller or Jimmy Dugan...
Emma Thompson plays P.L Travers, the author of Mary Poppins struggling financially, as well as struggling to sign over the rights of her story to Walt Disney.
The movie examines P.L Travers and her almost neurotic attention to detail regarding the story of Mary Poppins and her stance against Walt Disney's vision for the film based on her novel.
I found certain parts of this movie very hard to watch, surprisingly enough they were mostly the scenes with Collin Farrell! And when I say hard to watch I mean that in a good way, I got chocked up watching this little girl loose her childhood innocence to a loving father that was losing a battle against his own reminded me a bit of Angela's Ashes.
Good performances all around even from Colin Farrell!
This movie is worth the price of admission