Thursday, January 16, 2014

Free Swims 14 games for 2014

Here's my annual list of upcoming games that I feel are must have's (for me) in a rough order of most wanted to least. What are your 14 most wanted games for 2014?

1. Ultra Street Fighter IV
Simply put I have been a fan of the franchise since 91, and just enjoy the game, pure honest to goodness multiplayer that requires actual skill to be good at.

 2. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero's/The Phantom Pain

This is another favorite franchise of mine, chronologically Ground Zeroes takes place after MGS Peace Walker, which was a great game that unforunately flew under many gamers radar. I got stuck at the extra ops Gear Rex Strikes back on the deck of Mother MSF forces were very strong but regrettably I couldn't finish all the extra ops because none of my friends had the game do do the missions in co op. From the info I've heard MGS V will continue with the same game play style.
I'm really more excited to see more of the story of Big Boss unfold.

3. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster
I began playing Final Fantasy with VII....I was hooked after that! FFX was an amazing game with a powerful, emotional story. I never played X-2 so I'm looking forward to reliving my adventures in Spira and playing X-2 for the first time, and getting  those trophies.....yeah I'm a trophy whore.

4. Final Fantasy XV
I've been waiting for this game for what seems like forever! When I first saw the trailers for this back in 2009, when it was VS XIII I wanted it more than FFXIII but then it faded into obscurity and many feared the worst, that is until last years E3!

                                                                                                            5. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
I loved the first game, regardless of what people said about the game's engine being similar to God of War. The story was inspired,  the environments and sound effects were gorgeous, and the voice acting was also quite impressive with the talents of Patrick Stewart. The bosses of LoS were amazing especially the Stone Golem!
This is another franchise I've enjoyed since the NES original!

6. inFAMOUS Second Son
I got into inFAMOUS a little late in the game but like Sucker Punches other series staring Sly Cooper, the inFAMOUS series has improved with each new title and inFAMOUS Second Son looks amazing!

7. Watch Dogs
The game looks to bring sand box multi player to the next looks like it could be a game changer with the hacking mechanics altering things throughout the city....we'll see come April.

8. Destiny
I'll admit an MMO/ FPS/ RPG in space sounds amazing and having Bungie and Activision working together how can this game fail!?

9. Mighty No 9
Meet Beck the spiritual successor of Rock...aka Megaman. Since Capcom has pretty much disowned the blue bomber it was great to see Inafume san using kickstarter to keep the legend alive!

10. Mirror's Edge 2
I bought the first Mirror's Edge years after it's original release, it's a FPR (First Person Runner) and is unlike any other game I've ever played, it's also not easy! I really like the visual design of the game...this is yet another example of a new unique type of game that most gamers didn't give a chance because it wasn't a FPS.
Parkour of the roofs of skyscrapers....something I'll never do and have no interest in trying out side of a video game.

11. Walking Dead: Season 2

Episodic games done right...that is all.

12. The Order 1886

I have a good feeling about this game, I know next to nothing about it but it's coming from Sony Santa Monica Studios (God of War) and Ready at Dawn (former Naughty Dog members). The story sounds interesting!

13. Kingdom Hearts III

God how many years have fans waited for this sequel! I'd get this one for my wife and son.

14. Evil Within
This truly looks like the best scary game since the original Resident Evil! The trailer was very disturbing, it reminded

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