Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fringe S5 E95 The Human Kind Recap

Fridays episode The Human Kind was a decent episode, the episode really showed Olivia's strength...mentally and emotionally. She just lost her daughter a second time, she's losing Peter to the Observer implant in his brain and they're no closer to defeating the Observers than they were at the start of Walters wild goose chase, but she hunkers down and focuses on the mission.
The highlight for me was the cat and mouse between Peter and Windmark that culminated in the fight in the warehouse.
My only gripe with the episode was how in God's name did Olivia find Peter in all of Manhattan after securing the electromagnet!? I loved the scene, it was powerful and rang true....and didn't feel cheesy at all.
I understand, story-wise, the significance of Peter removing the observer tech himself but it just made me scratch my head and think...."that can't be safe! He can't see what he's doing. Maybe you should let Olivia do that..."

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