Friday, December 21, 2012

FFXIV Levequests & Party Combat Video @ version

The more I think about it, the more I think if this version of FFXIV turns out to be good it could essentially extend the PS3's life by at least a year and a half....just enough time for those who won't be transitioning to the PS4 on launch week/month /year....just enough time for the PS4's first price cut....


  1. Looks impressive, but very VERY computer intensive. I'm guessing that they must be putting this out on PC, no? It just doesn't make sense not to do that -- you want as many possible avenues into the game.

  2. It's currently planned for PS3 and PC...not sure if the two will share servers like FFXI.
    I agree it does look like it caters to PC gamers but I also thing the dev team has it running with all filters at max and all possible windows open to see how it runs.
    I am actually considering checking it out....but like you mentioned time is a precious commodity that neither of us have much of these days.