Monday, August 9, 2010

Retro Review: Super Dodgeball for NES

Another trip down memory lane! 1989
Super Dodge ball was one of my favorite "sports" games for the NES....who doesn't love dodgeball!?
Super dodgeball had two modes, the first was World Tour Mode where you controlled Team USA and battled teams from around the world like England, India, Africa, Iceland, Japan, and the USSR.
The second mode was a versus mode where you could go head to head against a friend.
The game was simple fun that became immensly more enjoyable when played with a friend. I remember choosing the Indian team and playing against a friend and talking trash with an Indian accent.
This game actually may have been the inspiration for some aspects of 1992's Arcade Smash Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Both games have you traveling around the world fighting people from different countries, and both games gave unique special attacks to the representative of their country.
I don't think Tecmos is around any longer but there is definately potential for an online multiplayer sequel here! Character creation, customizable uniforms, special moves, "super moves"....see where I'm going with this folks!? Super Dodgeball II: Balls of Fury