Sunday, August 8, 2010

Retro Review: Predator for NES

Seems I'm stuck in the 80's this week...
Another game I had for the NES was Activision's Predator, the first game I ever had based on a movie and well we all know now how well those turns out...
The game put Dutch in a pair of pink pants and had him run thru 30 stages of platforms...sounds fun no? To break the redundancy up a bit each stage has two modes! Side scrolling platformer (Jungle Mode) and a side scrolling zone versus waves of floating orbs and a Predator (Big Mode).
That's it....
No jungle slip n slide of a cliff
No giant vagina jokes
No cigar
No booby traps
No sneaking
No getting to the choppah
I bought this game slid it into the NES and I was transported to a world of hurt