Tuesday, May 11, 2010

V Fruition

TVGuide.com interview with V executive Producer Scott Rosenbaum all but confirms season 2 is a go.

ABC's V,
Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) will face off with the Visitors, starting
with Anna, according to executive producer Scott Rosenbaum. The end of the season will also bring the
birth of a hybrid baby who will be "more alien than human," a brutal attack and
a betrayal.V's lizard baby gets a due date — and a tail

1. There will be more V soldiers: "We will be seeing more
of the soldiers," says Rosenbaum. "Obviously Anna [Morena Baccarin] has a whole clutch of them waiting to be born
to unleash upon the Earth, but it's not going to go as smoothly as Anna planned
it would."
2. There will be alien babies: "You'll see what the baby
looks like in the finale. It's going to be more alien than human. The birth is
going to become a big deal because it's complicated. Also, Anna will have become
aware of the birth, so it will not happen behind her back. The birth will not be
what you expect it to be, I promise you that."
3. There will be big realizations: "Chad [Scott
] has not seen anything bad about the Vs," notes Rosenbaum. "The fun of
the season is Chad's ultimate realization that he was duped and the
consequences, and that's what we're building to. Anna is going to end up having
a noose around his neck. You should worry about Chad Dekker."Who
will be joining the Fifth Column on V?

4. There will be injuries: "Lisa [Laura Vandervoort] is going to be brutally attacked. It's
going to essentially be an attack by the Fifth Column. The question is: Who
attacked Lisa and why? The answer to that will be a pretty surprising one. It
all falls into this bigger plan that Anna has. If something bad happens, she can
spin it. Lisa's attack will have big consequences for the people on
5. There will be a showdown: "Anna and Erica will meet
face-to-face in the second to last episode. Everything is leading to a major
brawl between them. Anna keeps winning, and finally Erica basically says,
'Enough of this, we're taking the fight directly to her and we're going to win.'
That episode is Erica's revenge. She's just had enough and the gloves are
6. There will be deaths: "[The showdown] is an attack on
the Visitors and there will be deaths involved," Rosenbaum continues. "It's an
attack that is completely something Erica has come up with. There will be
casualties on both sides for the Visitors and the Fifth Column in the season
finale."Watch full
episodes of V in our Online Video Guide

7. There will be betrayal: "Lisa is the next in line to be
queen. The question is: Is Lisa becoming human, is she playing our people or is
she setting up a trap for Anna? That's the drama that will play out in the last
three episodes. The audience is not going to know which way she's turning until
the very end."
8. There will be war: "In the season finale, Anna will
essentially take the first shot in the war that's to come," says Rosenbaum,
noting that next season will pick up directly where we'll leave off.

Tonights episode looks good, I'm really looking forward to the Erica-Anna face to face!

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