Wednesday, May 5, 2010

V Episode 10: Hearts and Minds

Last nights episode was pretty good, once again the payoff was at the end though....I thought ABC actually cut the bitchslap based on last weeks promo but when it happened it was glorious! I didn't expect the follow on comment from Anna....WHOA! I dedicate Paula Abdul's "cold hearted snake" song to queen Anna! After that there's no doubt in my mind Anna > Diana! It's too bad mothers day falls on Sunday and not Tuesday because next weeks episode is looking like the Motherlode (pun intended) Anna face to face with Erica. The episode really set up an incredible dynamic that is sure to play out brilliantly with Erica (resistance leader) getiing paired up with Agent Malik (V secret agent) in the 5th column special task force! Spy Vs spy!
After Anna's televised announcement she mentioned how they can use fear of 5th column terrorist threats to control the humans and I was really impressed how the writers worked in the 9-11 incident and how many American's felt the government used their fears against them into the show!
Also; this has been nagging me for a few weeks now, what is so dam special about Tyler!?