Wednesday, March 31, 2010

V returns from hiatus

V is back....again, thankyou CBS for not cancelling it before it's had a chance to get going!
Last nights episode did what it needed to, get some forward momentum. Some of the highlights for me were the mothership sets, they were fantastic I loved the scene with Chad and Anna eating sushi, the scene had such an undertone of sinister intention and their surroundings seemed so unique, oh and pay attention to the utensils Chad and Anna eat with!!! The show stopper though was at the end where Anna chooses a she passed each "candidate" I could totally picture the forked tongue smelling them. I don't know if there's CG masking or incredible makeup being used on Morena Bacarin, she has this madona-like expression that exudes an unwavering confidence, her smile lays between pleasant and sinister.
I hope the show continues to weave current events into this sci fi series.