Saturday, March 27, 2010

Newest Interwebz Meme sensation! OMG!!!

Reports are coming in that Epic Beard Man's ratings are on a sharp decline! After sucessfully knocking Keyboard Cat out of the the #1 spot of Interwebz meme's a few weeks back it looked like the humans finally regained control of the net.
But there's word of a new feline grabbing the hearts and minds of the world wide web....OMG Kitteh!!!!I'm hoping we can unite these three sensations in a "we are the world" type project! Anyone have Tay Zonday's agents number and Over Dramatic Prairie Dog's trainer's email???

In the highly competative field of Internet Meme's, you really gotta bring that "wow factor"...not everyone can be an Interwebz Idol...and originality is crucial! Just ask Keyboard Gato...