Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kuky se vrací - Trailer

This is a kid’s film from the Czech Republic called Kuky Returns. It’s shot in a sort of neat-looking style that combines stylish traditional, live-action cinematography with stop motion. It’s all in Czech, but here’s a poorly translated synopsis from Twitch:

Kuky Returns is the story of a boy six Ondra, who suffers from asthma, and so on “health reasons” must be off his favorite toy – a pink bear kuky. When mom Kukyho throw in the trash, it will work Ondrová fantasy in which experienced Kukyho adventure in an unknown natural world. It’s really just a dream a little boy or kuky actually went to the biggest adventure of his plush life.

Kuky Returns is an adventure and poetic, a family story in which the main role, however, take the heroes of children's fantasy world. "I've wanted to make a film in which I could give small details - insect light in leaves, feathers flying, and even I wonder what is happening on the scene when the actors leave. Variously we smuggled into their films, but it's hard. "Says director Jan Sverak impulses to the recording film, whose main, but not the only heroes are the puppets. "I thought then change the scale and place the story directly into the microcosm, his protagonists make small enough that the roots of the tree decorations, light in the atmosphere made raspberry leaves, fuzz was all the props and extras natural insects," says Jan Sverak, who is also the author scenarios and as with most of his recent films also the producer