Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Return to Liberty City Day 1

I picked my copy of GTA IV today, I'd be playing right now if it wasn't for work. I actually forgot that today was the 29Th, good thing I noticed a couple friends playing it when I logged off CoD4 today. Unfortunately I only got to play for two hours, and it was the fastest two hours in my life....time flies when you're having fun! I honestly wanted to go straight online but believe it or not I was totally engulfed in the story. From the little I've played so far I'm sold, Rockstar has truly made another amazing game for their flagship franchise.
On a side note, while waiting on line in Best Buy today there was a lady in front of me buying GTA IV, it was definitely NOT for her, and I'm guessing she was buying it for her son who, I'm assuming was unable to get to Best Buy on his own because he was:
A) Still in school because it was 1 in the afternoon
B) Too young to buy it himself

I cannot wait to read the news in the coming days of outraged parents, politicians and the Jack Thompson's out there black balling this game.
A friend of mine came up with a great suggestion, take that government rebate check we'll be getting soon and go buy GTA IV! Then in essence the tools in our government that stir up the ridiculous controversy about this series will be funding it!
I'll share further impressions and have my final review in a few weeks, after I really sink my teeth into this game!
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