Monday, April 14, 2008

MGO beta

I preordered MGS4 back in March, and on April 2nd I got the call! My Metal Gear Saga disk & MGO beta key had come in! The disk that comes with the beta key code has an intriguing journalistic retrosective about the Metal Gear Saga. Focusing on Solid Snake, it is a fascinating look at the series from the series humble beginings. The Narrator tells the tale in the correct chronological order begining with MGS3: Snake Eater, then Metal Gear, Metal Gear II: Solid Snake, MGS1, and concluding with MGS2: Sons of Liberty.
With the launch date for MGS4 creeping ever closer I can't wait to play as Old Snake and see if my hunch is correct! When MGS4 was first announced and the environment was announced I predicted a return to Outer Heaven...I was close enough!
I predict Solid Snake will come face to face with Big Boss who is still alive! Big Boss will tell Solid Snake EVERYTHING and he will be killed by Liquid Ocelot, Solid Snake will kill Liquid Ocelot and at the end decide to live.....and not take his own life like the trailers suggest. We'll find out soon enough!
Wow I got off track, we're talking about Metal Gear Online (MGO) well the beta begins April 21st and the key code's must be entered day after tommorow. I'll be playing MGO with members of my clan, the Kontract Killaz so I'll see you on the battle field!

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