Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Socom Confrontation footage!

Check out the interview below with Zipper's Seth Luisi, there's some great footage of the "pre alpha" build of Confrontation. Luisi talks about the direction Slant Six & Zipper wanted to go with this "next gen " Socom. He also talks about the planned monthly updates & quarterly updates, if they're anything like the "updates" Zipper gave us back in the SI, SII days we won't be getting anything. I am on the fence with the DLC, on the one hand if we get a full game experience from day one and the DLC is a worthwhile "expansion" to the core game then fine. But if we get a fraction of a game and the DLC is part of the game that wasn't ready at launch and cost's the same or close to the lauch product then that's taking advantage of the Socom community. Time will tell.

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