Friday, February 1, 2008

Game Review: Rock Band

For those about to rock, we salute you!
I bought Rock Band the other day as a belated Xmas gift for the wife, it's pricey but alotta fun! We made a band, she plays the guitar and I'm on drums. Rock Band offers some deep customization for your avatar, hair style / color, body physique, clothing, tattoos, onstage movements, and instruments. Band World Tour mode lets bands play in 41 different venues spanning 17 cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, New York, London, Sydney, Stockholm, and Rome. Playing gigs in differnt cities around the world to build up your fan base and earn $ for all sorts of stuff from new equipment to tats and clothes. If your band is rockin the bells the crowd starts singing along, but if you screw up a gig you loose fans, I lost our band 7,000 fans today because I tanked a song.
Rock Band boasts an impressive list of songs from some incredible bands like Sound Garden, the Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, the Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, the Foo Fighters, the Police, Iron Maiden, Weezer, the Beastie Boys, Rush, Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, Bon Jovi, the Killers, and the Who!
Aside from World Tour, Rock Band offers Solo Quickplay which consists of Tug of War and Score Duel for players to compete against each other. Band Quickplay allows two - four players to play any song in the game offline or online. You can also take your custom avatar online and jam with others rock stars around the world, four players can join up and rock out. Each player can play at their own experience level so if you're a new guitar player you could potentially be jammin with a pro.
Rock Band is expensive, aprox $180.00 USD but you get alot for the money a wireless (PS3) Fender Stratocaster style guitar, a drum pad set that has four color coded pads and a kick pedal for the bass drum, and a custom Rock Band mic. The game is great fun for parties and individuals alike and has infinte replay value especially when DLC is factored in.
For those players looking to expand their Rock Band experience even further check out ! The site offers some really cool things for the Rock Band community.
Interstingly my wife absolutely loves Rock Band yet she is an an avid video game hater, and my seven year old neice didn't like it after trying it. I found it an easy game to pick up and play with a huge spectrum of difficulty levels from super easy songs to insanely crazy hard songs (I choose drums), and rumor has it that if players can play the drums on hard then you can play the drums in real life....I have a way to go lol.