Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Movie Review: Death Note

I am a firm believer that there is absolutely zero point in making a live action movie based on anime, in my opinion it's as pointless as having a magazine article made into a book or a childs picture turned into a billboard.
I was extremely hesitant to watch the live action adaptation of Death Note based on the Anime, based on the Manga....but I figured it wasn't coming from hollywood, it was made in Japan and I knew none of the actors or actresses so I threw it in and even got the wife to watch it with me (she had no idea it was based on anime) and ya know what? It was actually pretty freaking good! I knew of Death Note...saw a few episodes of the anime but never committed to watching the series...maybe I'll find the time now.
If you can get past the ridiculous premise the story is very engaging and you'll find yourself sympathizing with Light least for awhile.
Death Note is a great supernatural/psychological thriller that will have you glued to your TV or monitor as Light Yagami (Kira) and L  try to discover each other's identity. This battle is waged with one weapon, their intelligence and is the most fascinating thing to behold....the key is understanding the rules of the book. The two geniuses contrast each other as much as they compliment each other, they came off as the ying and yang of morality and justice to me! Death Note the live action film is a great pop corn flick that will grab your attention and not let's a bit campy at parts but the actors put 100% into the roles especially Tatsuya Fujiwara ( Light Yagami) and Kenichi Matsuyama (L) and it totally pays off with a conclusion that will leave you craving a sequel!
Which there is and I watched also. That review will come another time...