Friday, January 25, 2008

New Famitsu scans of FFXIII and FFversus XIII

Famitsu's latest issue has some more screens from the upcoming PS3 exclusives Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy versus XIII.
The article introduces a new character to FFXII, code named "pig tial girl" to join "bandana dude" and "Lightning". We also get a nice shot of "pig tail girl" standing on the edge of a bluff with Cocoon floating in the distant sky like a moon.
From the little info that's been uncovered Cocoon was created by the Farushi. Cocoon is a technologically advanced civilization compared to Pulse which seems to be more natural. Can you say Deathstar over Endor? I knew you could. The classic FF summons appear to be returning, in the article we get to see Ifrit, Carbuncle, and possibly Siren or Leviathan.
Info for FF versus XII is even more scarce, we see the "Sasuke Uchiha" character hanging with his "crew", a face off between the "sasuke" character and the main character from Assasins Creed, a new female character and their ride...I guess no Chocobos in versus XIII...

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