Friday, January 25, 2008

Army of Two Preview

Back when I posted Free Swims top 8 games of 08 to look out for my friend CJ asked why I didn't include Army of Two. It's an original title from EA which will also be available for X360.
If you are old enough to remember games like Contra and Ninja Assasins in the arcade then you'll love this game, you and a friend can take command of Rios and/or Salem and tactically fight your way thru a myriad of global hotspots to complete missions. The aircraft carrier level grabbed my interest! Basically you're not gonna be able to run n gun thru the levels, tactics and agro are the name of this AoT isn't a MMO. From what I've read, one way to achieve victory is to have one member build agro and get the enemies attention while the other sneakes past the enemy to flank them. Another interesting aspect that I've read about is healing your injured comrade, healing is crucial for survival and is acomplished via on screen promps similar to GoW. There will be an online multiplayer mode 2V2 I believe.
I'm always open to guest reviews CJ, so if you get AoT feel free to post your review here. ^^

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