Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CJ7 Preview

CJ7 is the latest comedy from Stephen Chow following Kung Fu Hustle. CJ7 is a comedy about a poor laborer named Ti (Stephen Chow) and his son Dicky. Dicky wants to get the cool toys his wealthier classmates have but Ti can't afford them, so one night Ti goes to the junkyard hoping to find Dicky a toy. Ti comes home with a mysterious green orb that turns out to be a squishy alien. Dicky sees this as his chance to impress his classmates. But the class bully has plans to take CJ7 from Dicky.

Inspire by Stephen Spielbergs E.T, CJ7 looks to be another fun comedy from Stephen Chow, Shao Lin Soccer & Hung Fu Hustle.