Monday, April 9, 2018

The greatest Speculation/ Theory regarding Hideo Kojima's upcoming PS4 game Death Stranding and what it might actually be!

In my many years of gaming I have played many many games and one franchise in particular has time and again proven to be the pinnacle of story telling in this medium and has one of video games most iconic characters (2 actually).....Metal Gear Solid, Snake/Big Boss.
If you're a gamer you most likely know about the drama between Kojima and Konami (I won't go into it) but it was ugly!
Ever since Kojima has  departed Konami, Kojima Studio's has been working on their first game, Death Stranding. To say the trailers for Death Stranding have been less than clear about what the game is about would be an under statement. See for yourself...

 Last night I stumbled across an amazing video that theorizes that this year Hideo will drop a nuclear bomb of a surprise on the gaming industry the likes of which has never been seen, that he has been secretly been working on.......well watch the video and see!

[UPDATE] Last night TheTombPortable updated his channel with the second part of his theory which I enjoyed and am in aww of how far down the rabbit hole he's gone, but there is one aspect of the theory I'm having difficulty swallowing.....that the whole situation between Hideo Kojima and Konami is a premeditated ruse, an experiment in deliberate emotional manipulation of the gaming industry and fans of the Metal Gear Franchise!
If you haven't watched the first video, check that out prior to watching this one.

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