Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Game Review Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

I never reviewed the initial launch of SFV back in February 2016....there wasn't much to say. The game play was tight as is expected with Capcom's flagship fighting game.
The new direction they were taking with DLC and scheduled updates was met with skepticism from most and the apparent lack of content at launch was met with an extremely high serving of salt as we say in the FGC.
I've been actively playing SFV since March 26th 2016 and as of this writing I have earned enough FM (fight money) to purchase  Guile, Ibuki, Juri, Akuma, Kolin, Abigail, Menat, Zeku and most recently Sakura (yesterday) without dropping a dime of real money. That's 900K FM, I've also been able to purchase many of the DLC stages with FM, some I dropped RM but I'm one of those who must have every stage! Ugh the memories of SFIV's stages still give me night terrors!
I'm sure I'm gonna get roasted for saying this by MANY MANY people but I was fine with SFV in it was at as of 1/15/18, I get it that there are those that don't want to play online and are content with off line game play and want to just keep playing the CPU and challenging themselves to get a higher score and see if they can beat the game at max stars with no continues. I'm no longer one of those people, I crave the challenge of beating a real person on the other side! I do still want some sort of story for the helps make the characters more relateable.....that's why I'll never use RM or FM on Ed (douche bag character)...
So when we got the Cinematic Story Mode in June 2016 that was a great addition which, in my opinion, was more impressive than some still images with text at the end of each characters run thru arcade mode to explain they're story. I enjoyed the experience and look forward to a continuation of the Cinematic Story mode this year as we creep ever closer to Gill and the rise of the Illuminati.
And then we have the Weekly Missions that net about 6k-9k FM + Survival Mode (Easy, Normal, Hard and Hell) that was another source of FM and XP + Character Trials + Tutorials......There was plenty of FM out there to grab if you were inclined.
So here we are in the third season of a game many said was DOA when it launched with a roster of 29 characters, 24 stages, Arcade Mode that spans the ENTIRE franchise history...that's over 200 endings! Art Gallery, Team Battle (offline), Extra Battle Mode which I actually dabbled with last night.
So as of yesterday there were 2 Extra Battles available Shin Akuma Strikes (1000 FM entry fee) and [Quick & Immovable] Get the Crossover Costume (2500FM entry fee) I spent the 2k (2X) FM trying to beat Shin THAT was an ass whoopin I won't soon forget!
Then I tried the Quick and Immovable Extra Battle after beating Viewtiful Joe the first time I earned the boots "gem" but then it sank in that I would need to fight Joe at least 3 more times to get the other 3 "gems" but there's a chance you may not get the gem when you win! You might get XP or FM so there's a 33.3% chance of getting the gem you need. So after 3 games and only getting 1 of 4 gems and 2 XP boosts I called it quits, I don't play Rashid anyway. My initial feeling is that X.B.M. could be a huge FM sink so fighter beware....

I also tried out Arcade Mode and breezed thru SF1 with Ryu, almost got double perfects on all 4 matches. The cool thing is now there are weekly missions that tie into arcade mode, like yesterday the first mission connected to Arcade Mode was achieve a score of 100,000 or greater....easy breezy FM!
All this great new content plus all the modes that we previously had such as Survival Mode, Training Mode, Cinematic Story Mode, Ranked/Casual/ Battle Lounge and Trials!
And here's my first match using Sakura

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