Friday, July 28, 2017

Street Fighter V S2 DLC battle for your FM! Ed or Abigail

Season 2 of SFV has certainly been a bit divisive for the FGC, so last week the 4th DLC character was revealed at EVO and as previously leaked it was Abigail from Final Fight. The previous DLC character was Ed the little boy Balrog grabbed as the S.I.N facility was crumbling down in SFIV. We got a free beta where we could try him out....I did and between his unorthodox move set, his theme and overall character design I passed.
I did however get Abigail, and IDGAF what anyone says yeah his head is small and he's wearing tires as fashion accessories but you know what? Beating Ed with Abigail is extremely satisfying and unlike my main character IDGAF if I lose with him......HE'S FUN TO PLAY WITH!!
So if you only had FM to get one of these two which would you choose?

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