Saturday, July 8, 2017

Netflix CastleVania S1 Review

CastleVania on Netflix is Perfection!
I was excited when I heard this was happening but I never imagined it would be this good!
You know that feeling when you reach the last episode of a season and are like, "no no no don't stop now" well that is exactly what happened to me when the 4th episode of CastleVania ended.
Although this is an animated series based of the AAA video game franchise this is definitely not for children under 12!
I mistakenly let my 7 year old son sit and watch this with me, I let the burning at the stake scene pass but then the bar fight with the nut shot, the dislodged eyeball scene was when I decided I was gonna have to wait till the kids were asleep before I could watch this.
The series wisely begins with the CastleVania III Dracula's Curse Story line and accurately retells the story from the game from the year 1476 to the location in Europe Wallachia.
The series art style, animation, writing and voice acting are all so well done it left me craving more!

I've played almost every CastleVania game since the original minus the portable ones so seeing this series turn out as amazingly as it has is equivalent to how great The Street Fighter animated movie turned out back in 1994!

Trevor Belmont circa AD1990

Trevor Belmont circa AD 2017