Saturday, December 3, 2016

PSX 2016

Just finished watching the PSX stream and DAMN 2017! Between the movies and now the games I'm gonna need to reach out to that guy in Africa telling me there's millions waiting for me.... Anyway here's the games that brought the hype for me.
Uncharted the Lost Legacy  Very cool gameplay trailer!

MVC Infinite....I hope they don't replace SFXT's gems with Infinity Stones...

Street Fighter V Akuma Reveal Trailer.....THUNDER THUNDER...THUNDERCATS HOOOOOO!

Crash Bandicoot N'sane Trilogy...COOL!

Nier: Automata looked interesting

 Ys Origin...I've always wanted to get into the Ys series, this trailer reminds me of an old JRPG near and dear to my heart, Lunar Silver Star Story Complete.

Dreadnought....Giant Spaceships with crazy fire power....I loved this game on the Atari 5200!
Vane: I like the visual style of this game

The Last of Us 2.....WHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!????? I didn't see a reason for a sequel but after seeing that trailer OKAY!

There were a few other titles that caught my attention...

GT Sport...last Gran Turismo I owned was GT4

Parappa the Rapper 20th anniversary! I laughed my ass off with Krogenar back in the day playing this game

Windjammers: REtro never looked so good! This trailer made me remember an old NES game I loved to play SUPER Dodgeball! Who remembers that game?!

And there's also some other AAA titles coming in 2017 that I'm super hyped for that weren't showcased at the PSX presentation.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Mass Effect: Andromeda

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