Sunday, December 4, 2016

Movie Review: Shin Godzilla

I wanted to see this when it was in the theater in my neighborhood, but I couldn't due to super preggo waifu. I just got to see Shin Gojira and I can say this is a bold "reboot" to Toho's beloved franchise. Shin Gojira reinvents the origin of the King of all Monsters while using the horrific events from the 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami off the east coast of Japan. Shin Gojira returns to the Kaiju's roots of being a force of nature that mankind must struggle against in order to survive. I loved seeing the evolution of Gojira in the movie, the metamorphosis of Gojira on screen reminded me of Gojira Vs Destroyah.
All the typical tropes for a Gojira movie are there, people running for shelters, police helplessly trying to direct people, military/ JSDF ineffectiveness against Gojira, buildings and homes being trampled but the thing I appreciated was the contrast between the chaos and destruction and the seemingly "business as usual"  atmosphere in the board rooms with the PM and his advisers.
I appreciated the juxtaposition, it lent a level of maturity to this movie the franchise isn't known for, even the logistical obstacles the scientists faced when trying to produce the coagulant en mas was portrayed in a much more realistic manner than most, if not all previous Gojira movies.
I was also pleasantly surprised by the level of attention given to the military ops in Shin Gojira, I work in aviation and alot of the technical jargon was accurate! The vehicles were impressive looking as well I didn't have many opportunities to yell "TOY BOAT!!"
Nothing against Gareth Edwards Godzilla movie....I enjoyed it but Toho just does a better Gojira.
This ain't you're gran papy's Gojira....this Gojira IS A MONSTER, a monster born of mankind's lack of respect for Earth and this new Gojira is HOT and if he can't cool down in the oceans GET THE FUCK OUT! I can say without a shadow of a doubt the level of destruction this Gojira dolls out is insane!

I'm on the fence with the tail & dorsal lasers but aside from that I loved this movie and I am glad that Toho took some cinematic cue's from Gareth Edwards Godzilla movie, we get some real unique angles and I like the inclusion of some shaky cam footage during the chaos.
Shin Gojira is definitively in my top 5 favorite G movies of all time, it's a shame it was only in US theaters for 1 week.

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