Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Valkyria Chronicals HD Remaster

I'm not crazy about all the HD remakes and "definitive Editions" of games that have been coming out this generation, in my opinion the "Definitive Editions" are what the game should've been at release, but that's a rant that many have already brought to light by many others.
So with that, I did buy the Valkyria Chronicals HD Remaster....yeah I know I'm a hypocrite, but the game was sooo great back in 2009 and for $29.99 with all 3 DLC packs AND TROPHIES how could I not get it?!
I've been so busy kicking ass with Nelly Olsen oops Karin Kanzuki

and saving Gallia and keeping up with Macross Delta that I've had little to no time to write about any of it. 
So here I am at work on Fathers Day I'll try and do some catch up.
OK so back to the Valkyria Chronicals HD Remaster, 
  • Great Story
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Enjoyable Strategy gameplay  
  • $29.99
My review of the Original Valkyria Chronicals on the PS3: Valkyria Chronicals Review

And here's some cut scenes from the game thanks to the PS4 share functionality.

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