Friday, July 25, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5 SDCC trailer

Ughh 2 and a half more months still!
Somehow Carol and Tyresse are gonna save the group but not before they get some good ol fashioned as whoopins! God my faith in humanity is fairly low now but in this apocalyptic future I'm starting to think maybe we should just say fuck it, the remnants of humanity are all A-holes except our merry little fellowship.
Anyway season 5 should be titled TWD: roadtrip to DC! They should try taking a short cut and get to a bridge and "jump it" only to have all 4 wheels fall off and as they're walking away the car blows up!
I've watched the trailer enough times to say I've got a bad feeling about Daryl....
I think the excellent adventures of Bobby Stookey come to an end in Terminus at the hands of Gareth, oh well.
And Beth! Beth you're ALIVE and apparently in incarceration for J walking or something, I'm actually relieved you aren't a burger at Terminus' annual BBQ cook off!