Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sony's 2014 E3 Press Conference Impressions

I can't believe it's been 1 year already since last years epic E3! E3 kicked off yesterday with Microsoft's Press conference, then Ubisoft's, EA's and Sony closed the first day with there's. I was only able to watch Sony's so without further ado here's my thoughts on Sony's 2014 E3 Press conference.
Holy crap they didn't begin with a sizzle reel! They closed with it!
I was really hoping for a PS3 price cut announcement as I need a new one and I really don't want to drop $200 now and then $400 in Feb for a PS4 , but No PS3 price cut was announced!
It's already been revealed in Europe but there was no mention of the PS4/Vita bundle :/
The new Destiny Trailer was a pretty sweet, mostly because of the impressive voice over. 

Destiny launches in 3 months and for all the cool trailers and behind the scenes video's I still have questions...like how can this game not have a subscription? Will there be an in-game economy? If so will there be crafting? They also revealed the Destiny PS4 bundle with a white PS4 which looks very nice. and they announced the Beta begins July 17th and a special Alpha sneak peek this Thursday.

 The team from Media Molecule arrived and we got to see LBP3...I played a bit of the original LBP but I just couldn't get into the game, so watching them play LBP3 and introducing the new characters just was meh to me.


Shuhei Yoshida took the stage and introduced From Software's Bloodborne, this game should come with instructions that it can only be played late at night!

The Farcry 4 demo was enjoyable to watch and the environment was gorgeous!

Next on stage was Adam Boyas who kicked it off with a hilarious trailer for Dead Island 2! Catchy song...

He went on to reveal Grim Fandango coming to PS4 then read some " fan mail letters" and then showed the trailer for Suda 51's game Let it Die, the trailer hints at a beat em up with RPG elements. But I was really hoping to see an update on Lily Bergamo dammit!

Adam spoke about the indie dev scene on PlayStation, he showed a trailer for ABZU, which came across as Journey underwater. One indie game  that caught my eye was No Man's Sky from Hello Games! The concept sounds intriguing... to boldly go where no one has gone before...to explore strange new worlds...to seek out new life and new civilizations...
for more info on the game check out TOS @ www.no mans sky.com  

After the No Man's Sky trailer we were introduced to Shawn Laydon who spoke quite elegantly and had mannerisms like a politician, this poor fellow had the pleasure of dropping stats on us about the PSN and somehow managed to segway into announcing You Tube integration into the share system and the Free to Play games available on PSN. First of all I'm no fan of free to play (fee to win). I've played my share of IOS F2P games and it's always the same thing...enjoyable at first then you hit a brick wall when only the most devoted will play on without paying for content that will make the game as enjoyable as it was in the beginning.  Other wise you quit or pay and from my estimation the cost's for this content  far outweigh what the game is worth.
Then Shawn talked a bit about PlayStation TV...and by the time we got to this all I heard was 

But I fought off the ZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzz's and Mr LAydon went out with a bang...and a few crunch's...I prefer Street Fighter over MK but the stages in MKX are fantastic!

Next up Andrew House talks about all the wonderous things available on the PSN besides the games and we get to meet Brian Michael Bendis as he introduces the first original series for PS+ called Powers. 

Afterwards Andrew continues the show by showing the trailer for the Ratchet and Clank movie!

But where was the Sly Cooper!?

Then we got the trailer for The Last of Us remastered for PS4...I'm a bit surprised at the amount of spoilers the trailer had but I've played thru the games twice but those who defected from Microsoft's camp may have seen more than than they wanted to....
After revisiting Ellie and Joel we got quite a doosie of a trailer for MGS V The Phantom Pain! There's alot to review in this trailer but one thing I noticed was Miller seems to be missing an appendage...

And from one AAA franchise to another.... GTA V looks gorgeous on PS4! But I already have the game on PS3. Interestingly Andrew mentions that players on BOTH PS3 AND xbox 360 can transfer their online game data to the PS4....and the same probably holds true for Xbone.

From MSF to Los Santos to Gotham! Arkham Knight trailer!!!
Holy crap Gotham is fucking HUGE! And that Bat mobile....

Ohh and one last thing before we go....

Not a bad conference, a little dull in the middle, but there was enough to keep us excited for the future!
I wish Capcom and Square had something to show I really want to hear  how FFXV is progressing!