Monday, June 2, 2014

Movie Review: New World

I've been on a South Korean movie binge lately, after really enjoying Old Boy, then Snow Piercer, I Saw the Devil, and now New World.
Choi Min-sik (Lt Kang) stars along side Lee Jung-jae (LEE Ja-sung) and Hwang Jung-min (Jung Chung) in this cops and mobsters movie, where the "CEO" of Goldmoon a triumvirate of 3 united gangs, Jaebum/Jeil/Northmoon dies and a new "CEO" must be elected.
Chief Kang sees this as the opportunity to put one of their own in position to take the chair! Enter Operation New World
JUNG Chung, LEE Joong-gu, JANG Su-ki are all candidates to take over Goldmoon.
LEE Ja Sung is an undercover cop who has successfully infiltrated Goldmoon, he works for JUNG Chung who is first in line to succeed SEOK as CEO of Goldmoon, but JUNG Chung must also deal with his rival LEE Joong-gu. But who can he trust as rats seem to be rampant in Goldmoon.
The performances were solid, Lee Jung jae, Hwang Jung-min and Park sung woong did a great job with there scenes with Choi Min-sik, I never felt like Choi Min-sik stole any of the scenes they shared, unlike I saw the Devil.
There were some very memorable scene's in New World, including the confrontation between Jung Chung and his "bro" Lee Ja sung, and the parking lot/elevator brawl!
The fact that we know Lee Ja Sung is an undercover cop doesn't detract from the film, it actually makes it more tense as other undercover agents are found will he ever be free from his duty and obligations from both sides?
Most Americans have no idea who Choi Min-sik, but they will soon as he's in the upcoming movie Lucy starring Scarlet Johanssen and Morgan Freeman.
If you get the opportunity this is worth checking out, and remember subs > dubs!